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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Saw 'How to Train Your Dragon' and dyed Easter eggs today. #
  • I'm at Z'Tejas (10525 W Parmer Lane, Avery Ranch Blvd, Austin). #
  • I'm at Master Niblock's ATA Black Belt Academy (1319 Sam Bass Rd, Round Rock). #
  • Man! The bluebonnets are amazing here in Austin! #
  • I'm at Db interactive (1311 e 6th, Austin). #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

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Foursquare Geo Locating Social Media – Friend or Foe


I am a social media junkie (SMJ), or at least a SMJ wannabe. About a month ago, 3/2/2010 to be exact, I started using foursquare, a geo-locating social media. Just last year, 2009, foursquare launched at SXSW Interactive here in Austin, TX. So, being in Austin, I’m a year late in getting on foursquare. Now I am trying to figure out what it is good for.

First the basics. You sign up for free. All you need is an email address and tell foursquare what is your location, e.g.: Austin, TX. Next, you can check-in – meaning tell foursquare (and the world) where you are. Sound scary? Stay with me.

To me, foursquare makes no sense unless you have it on your phone. Lucky for you and me, foursquare has apps for that – e.g.: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and other devices. So go get your flavor. Once you do, and you check-in, your smart phone checks your GPS location, communicates that to foursquare and gives you a selection of venues that have been entered into the system and are close to your location. If you see a venue that matches where you are, i.e., businesses, schools, parks, restaurants, etc., you highlight it, click it and follow the simple check-in instructions. You can even add some brief comments, à la Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, foursquare has seriously diminished my tweet frequency. Before foursquare, I would often tweet about my location. Now I use foursquare for geo locating social media. But you can synch your foursquare account with your Twitter and your Facebook accounts, so you can blast this mundane information everywhere.

I use the word “mundane” because that’s what one of my followers on Twitter told me. Read below:

I’m a bit confused Kevin. In your class you said not to overwhelm people with incessant mundane updates, but I get updates from you every few hours with stuff like “at HEB”! Really? I’m thinking you signed up for some service that automatically updates your location every few hours, so thought you might not know you are inundating people with “mundane”! ;-)

OK! Well, if you don’t want to annoy your Twitter followers or your Facebook friends, you can opt not to update these social media when you check-in with foursquare.


Foursquare encourages people to explore their environments. It has all kinds of badges you can earn by checking in and if you have the most check-ins at a particular venue, you become the mayor! Foursquare also suggests that businesses can reward people for checking in at their businesses. For instance, show your phone to a server, proving you have 10+ checkins, – get a free cup o’ Joe. Lot’s of possibilities. Currently, I am mayor of 6 venues – have haven’t won a thing. That’s OK. My mayorships are all about public service ;-)

Log in on the foursquare website to see all your badges, your mayorships, and more.

Have fun out there and be careful.

WordPress vs Custom Website for Small Business

Every business needs a website, right? Is there any business (still in business) that doesn’t realize this truth? [Rhetorical ;-) ] But just having a website is not even enough anymore. It needs to be strategic. Specifically, it needs to:

  • look professional
  • be optimized for search engines
  • contain fresh, timely content

Web designers enjoy opining on the WordPress blog software vs Joomla CMS software, and I am no different. I agree with conventional wisdom that WordPress learning curve is not so steep as that of Joomla. See WordPress vs. Joomla: A Handy Guide So I am going to talk about WordPress now and save the topic of Joomla for another time.

WordPress is an affordable website solution for strategically building a business website and I recommend it for many of my clients. You can have a professional looking website in a day, and add fresh content as often as you like. Plus, WordPress is SEO friendly.

There are many professionally designed WordPress themes available for FREE. And free is about as affordable as you can get. (When somebody starts paying you do download and use their designs, I’ll be first in line.) If your budget allows, consider having a web designer customize and configure your WordPress installation and WordPress theme for your business. Starting with a free theme it is still very affordable, but you are not confined to the “off-the-rack” look and feel.

WordPress allows you to add other pages, which is pretty easy to do. However, if you want more to your pages than what you can do in WordPress, consider having a web designer build a few custom web pages for you. A good web designer/developer can integrate your WordPress blog with your custom designed pages for a seamless appearance. This way your business gets the benefit of having custom pages that contain and do whatever you want, plus the convenience and timeliness of blog posts you create yourself for fresh content.

For SEO, there’s a lot you can do in WordPress and the native installation is already pretty good. Have a look at 20 of the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to see the myriad things you can do.

Ok, there you have it, Mr./Ms 21st century business. You can have a website for your business for as little as the cost of hosting it, plus your time. And consider using a good web designer to help you create your website the way you want.