Foursquare Geo Locating Social Media – Friend or Foe

I am a social media junkie (SMJ), or at least a SMJ wannabe. About a month ago, 3/2/2010 to be exact, I started using foursquare, a geo-locating social media. Just last year, 2009, foursquare launched at SXSW Interactive here in Austin, TX. So, being in Austin, I’m a year late in getting on foursquare. Now [...]

WordPress vs Custom Website for Small Business

Every business needs a website, right? Is there any business (still in business) that doesn’t realize this truth? [Rhetorical ] But just having a website is not even enough anymore. It needs to be strategic. Specifically, it needs to: look professional be optimized for search engines contain fresh, timely content Web designers enjoy opining on [...]

How Search Engine Friendly is Your Website?

WooRank is a new website analysis tool providing awesome stats. The current version is free and, according to WooRank, will remain free. A premium (cha ching $$$) version will be forthcoming, however. Thanks to Lee Rosen for the news.

iPhone Smoothie

How much do you love your iPhone? Or maybe you’re an iPhone hater. In either case, there’s no escaping that iPhone has become an icon of social interconnectivity – now and for the future. As such, what better way to relieve some i-generation anxiety and stress than by messing with the iPhone. Check out this [...]

Google Sidewiki As SEO Strategy

Yesterday Google launched Sidewiki, “… a browser sidebar that enables you to contribute and read helpful information alongside any web page.” Oh great, another social media venue. And how will Sidewiki impact SEO? Here are some initial thoughts. The strategic hub of Sidewiki is your Google profile. If you write a compelling and useful Sidewiki [...]

Social Networking Class To Be Offered

At my BNI meeting this morning, one of my associates strongly encouraged me to prepare a class or seminar on social networking (social media) and how to use it and integrate it with a businesses other online assets, primarily a business website. This is the second such request I have received. So I will set [...]

Twitalyzer Analyzes Social Media Influence Clout Generosity Velocity

If you are going to do the social networking / social media “thing” for business (and today, you must), it’s an excellent idea to ensure that you are being effective. When it comes to Twitter, being effective can be measured various ways and there is a convenient tool to help you – Twitalyzer. Twitalyzer will [...]

Google on Twitter

Anyone interested in SEO is interested in what Google has to say. After all, Google commands the lion’s share of the search engine market. So here is a page listing a whole bunch, if not all, the Twitter accounts Google uses. Google on Twitter