I Want To Be Found For [keyword]

Almost invariably, when clients want some SEO, they have a common initial request, (if not always expressed), “When someone types [name the keyword], I want to be found. And also, invariably, I spend some time explaining the “law” of keyword supply and demand – competition vs search popularity. Then reality starts to set in that [...]

WordPress vs Custom Website for Small Business

Every business needs a website, right? Is there any business (still in business) that doesn’t realize this truth? [Rhetorical ] But just having a website is not even enough anymore. It needs to be strategic. Specifically, it needs to: look professional be optimized for search engines contain fresh, timely content Web designers enjoy opining on [...]

DIY Web Design Can Lead To SEO Trouble

To save money, many people, business people included, try a Do-It-Yourself website. And unless they are comfortable with HTML/XHTML, CSS and Photoshop, they usually end up using a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG, pronounced “wi-zi-wig”) application. There are many out there and I’m not naming names. Unfortunately, WYSIWYG is a misnomer, because you get way more than what [...]

How Search Engine Friendly is Your Website?

WooRank is a new website analysis tool providing awesome stats. The current version is free and, according to WooRank, will remain free. A premium (cha ching $$$) version will be forthcoming, however. Thanks to Lee Rosen for the news.

Are Basic Elements Hindering Your SEO Ranking?

Usually Web designers and SEO professionals are two different types of experts. Iron Fox Designs, however, is the exception. Iron Fox Designs combines creative, innovative Web design with sound technology and white hat SEO techniques. We often get clients seeking SEO applied to existing websites. It is important for these clients to understand that some [...]

Top 5 SEO Techniques

SEO is a moving target. The search engine algorithms are “secret” and are always changing, by design. Therefore, a good SEM is constantly observing the result of different SEO techniques to judge their efficacy. We deduce the cause by observing the effect. There are many “white hat” SEO techniques (and we recommend only “white hat”) [...]

SEO Killer

You have seen the phrase on websites forever. I am loathe to even type it. “Under Construction” Don’t use it. Here are 3 reasons why: Most importantly, it is an SEO killer. Search engine bots are like real people. (I mean, that’s the goal of search engines, create seach analogs that “think” like people.) When [...]

Google Sidewiki As SEO Strategy

Yesterday Google launched Sidewiki, “… a browser sidebar that enables you to contribute and read helpful information alongside any web page.” Oh great, another social media venue. And how will Sidewiki impact SEO? Here are some initial thoughts. The strategic hub of Sidewiki is your Google profile. If you write a compelling and useful Sidewiki [...]

Social Networking Class To Be Offered

At my BNI meeting this morning, one of my associates strongly encouraged me to prepare a class or seminar on social networking (social media) and how to use it and integrate it with a businesses other online assets, primarily a business website. This is the second such request I have received. So I will set [...]

Valid XHTML and CSS

Validating your web page markup (html, xhtml, css) has several advantages, e.g.: Website design debugging Improved cross-browser compatibility SEO One statistic I found said that only 20% of web designers actually validate their markup using the W3C Validator. Among that small group there is discussion regarding whether is it “professional” to display the W3C icons [...]