School Day 22 | Why did God make school this way?

My kindergartener was happy in the morning until we rode our bikes around the first corner on our way to school. Then he said, “I miss my Mom. Why did God make school this way?” While amused, I resisted a smile or a laugh and remembered how serious my son gets. I told him, “Well, [...]

School Day 16

It was another good day – the second day my son has been taking Strattera for ADHD. Today was a picnic outside the school. Both my wife and I attended. Our son didn’t have much of an appetite and I’m not sure if that is result of Strattera or just the result of the distraction [...]

School Day 15

We have had some rough days at school – yesterday being the roughest. My son got sent to the principal’s office for the first time in his academic career. I fear it will not be the last. We have seen his ADHD/defiant/disruptive behavior in his preschools. We have been trying to redirect for a long [...]

School Day 11

Life moves fast with a 5-year-old. Over the weekend he rode his bike without training wheels. I just let go of the seat and he took off like he had been riding his whole life. Starting and stopping is not the smoothest, but we’ll work on that. On day 10 my wife accompanied him to [...]

School Day 9

The ride to school gets easier and easier, despite my son’s opinion that I “broke” his bike. It seems he doesn’t like to be able to ride with both training wheels clearing the ground at once. He would rather just lean to one side and let the training wheel support him without his having to [...]

School Day 8

Our son had a hard time leaving Mom again this morning. But as he rides his bike he forgets his troubles. It helped that I adjusted his training wheels. I had been frustrated how he always leaned to the right – sometimes putting so much weight on the right training wheel that his peddling resulting [...]

School Day 7

On our ride to school this morning my son wept, saying, “I hate school.” If he weren’t so dang cute I would have teared up myself. I told him to tell his teacher and she would help. He replied through the sobbing, “Nobody can help. Only Mommie.” But that upset lasted only as long as [...]

School Day 6

Oh, the dreaded and inevitable whine: “I don’t want to go to school today.” We’ve started that now. Interchangable with: “When will school be over?” I don’t respond to the second complaint. The truth would be unbearable for a 5-year-old. My son informed me last night, “You can get lunch from school if you don’t [...]

Day 5 of School

Cooler weather made the bike ride much more pleasant this morning. I guess my son is accustomed to the heat – he stepped outside this morning, temp in the low 70s, and complained, “It’s cold!” We are all dragging today. My daughter is ill and kept us up all night. So I’ll have to scratch [...]

Day 4

The last day of our first week of kindergarten. My son took a gift to his teacher today. Actually, my wife bought the gift, but my son signed the card. He still has a hard time letting go in the morning. I expect this will subside as he gets used to his new environment. After [...]