In 1995, The Monastery of Christ in the Desert (a small, cloistered, Benedictine monastery) began a cottage industry of designing and creating websites.  I was one of the brothers instrumental in launching that web design enterprise that we called “The Scriptorium.”  My engineering background served me well as I built HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a variety of websites and my artistic experience was relied upon for the aesthetic aspects of creating websites.

In 1999 I completed my simple vows and returned to the world, equipped with no small portion of experience and knowledge of the spiritual life as well as web design.  Since then I have worked on web projects for IBM where I learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web standards, accessibility, usability and more.

In 2007 I launched my own web design business, Iron Fox Designs, which specializes in effective, strategic web design and integral, white hat SEO.

In this blog I will discuss various aspects of web design, SEO and other things that interest me.  I hope you, the reader, find it helpful and I look forward to your comments.

Kevin Fox