I Want To Be Found For [keyword]

Almost invariably, when clients want some SEO, they have a common initial request, (if not always expressed), “When someone types [name the keyword], I want to be found. And also, invariably, I spend some time explaining the “law” of keyword supply and demand – competition vs search popularity. Then reality starts to set in that “it may be a long, hard, and even expensive road to get into the top three for my keyword.” It’s a hard lesson but one that certainly needs to be learned by some clients, especially if they want to rank highly for a very competitive keyword, e.g., “lawyer,” “florist,” “roofer,” etc.

Well, why don’t we start by turning that initial request around, “I want to be found…” and hold off on identifying that keyword. The first search engine marketing (“SEM”) objective of any business should be “to be found.” With that thought in mind, we can go looking for good keywords that will get us found. We don’t get found by adding more supply to a glutted market. We don’t get found by creating content that nobody is looking for. We get found by discovering what people are looking for, (and get as specific as possible), and then we say “Yeah, we do that.”

Keyword optimization is all about tailoring the message. But let’s remember our keyword research first, to find the keywords that will be effective. Don’t get stuck on “what” you want to be found for. Focus on “being found” first.

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