Day 5 of School

Cooler weather made the bike ride much more pleasant this morning. I guess my son is accustomed to the heat – he stepped outside this morning, temp in the low 70s, and complained, “It’s cold!” We are all dragging today. My daughter is ill and kept us up all night. So I’ll have to scratch [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

Tomorrow is back to school. Today I have been trying to keep my son entertained all day. We need more G movies in theaters! # Too hot outside to do anything. Currently 102F in Austin! # SEO tools at Web CEO Free version gives you plenty to work with. # Tried Might Fine Burgers [...]

Day 4

The last day of our first week of kindergarten. My son took a gift to his teacher today. Actually, my wife bought the gift, but my son signed the card. He still has a hard time letting go in the morning. I expect this will subside as he gets used to his new environment. After [...]

Day 3

No rebellion, so far. Our daily commute to school is getting quicker as my son takes fewer rest stops (it’s only a mile) and falls off his bike less. I’m ready for cooler days. 103F when we rode home yesterday. 100% humidity this morning, but I’m thankful for the rain we got last night. I’m [...]

Day 2

My son started school yesterday and, naturally, today was the 2nd day to get him up early and out the door. At some moment during the craziness this morning it occurred to me that this daily event, this new adventure in my life and the life of my family, would be good material for a [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

In Atlanta waiting on flight to Austin. Almost home! # Great to be back home in Austin Texas # Looking for a good free embed mp3 player for web and blog. Please RT. # Best way to embed mp3 on website and blog? I'm looking for ideas. Please RT. # RT @robertsavva Use wimpy man [...]

Valid XHTML and CSS

Validating your web page markup (html, xhtml, css) has several advantages, e.g.: Website design debugging Improved cross-browser compatibility SEO One statistic I found said that only 20% of web designers actually validate their markup using the W3C Validator. Among that small group there is discussion regarding whether is it “professional” to display the W3C icons [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

My wife and I celebrating 6th wedding anniversary today! # @TimboReid Outdoor advertising uses Twitter >> clever. just don't tweet and drive. in reply to TimboReid # Beware SEO sites displaying W3C Validation icon that does not link to validator. These sites rarely validate. # W3C validation is important for SEO. Improved keyword [...]