SEO with Google, Bing-Yahoo!

Today Microsoft and Yahoo! sealed a deal for a merger of search engine technology. I must say, I’m a Google fan and I don’t want to see Microsoft gain a large market share of the search engine market. It brings back memories of the mid 90s when Microsoft broke into the web browser market which, [...]

Website Welcome – Keyword Weakness

I’m beginning to discern whether I have a mission to eradicate Welcome statements from websites. I had presumed that anyone experiencing the internet now in the 21st century would have observed and/or absorbed subliminally that website Welcome statements have gone by the wayside like 8-tracks in the 80s. (I really wanted 8-tracks to make a [...]

Google on Twitter

Anyone interested in SEO is interested in what Google has to say. After all, Google commands the lion’s share of the search engine market. So here is a page listing a whole bunch, if not all, the Twitter accounts Google uses. Google on Twitter

SEO Title Tag

If you are using WordPress, you need the SEO Title Tag plugin.  The title tag contents generated by WordPress by default are not optimized.  Using the plugin you can optimize the title tag on each page or post. For the title tag, good, “white hat” SEO techniques include: Place most important keywords left-most in the [...]

Beware of WYSIWYG Editors

Far too many times I have seen small business owners turn to wysiwyg (“what you see is what you get”) editors or online web design services (which provide wysiwyg editors) in order to build a website on the cheap. The allure of the wysiwyg editor is a free or almost-free website. Unfortunately, most business owners [...]

CSS & Keyword Density

So many websites I review still use html tables for page layout.  If a web designer is focused only on the appearance of the web pages, he/she may question what’s wrong with table layout. Well, one reason for using CSS for page layout is good, white hat SEO.  Keyword density is a priority in organic, [...]