Twitter is one of the new (since 2006) social media technologies that is getting wide-spread attention. Businesses ignore popular social media at their own peril. Connect to your clients. Engage the community.

The Twitter development community has created very handy widgets and applications that you can use to connect your Tweets to your phone and website. See the widget to the right, as an example. It is an interactive window with IronFoxDesigns Twitter account. These tools are available (usually for free) on the Twitter site.

Find Your Voice

Many Twitterers find they need multiple Twitter accounts for their businesses and personal use. This makes perfect sense because you will want your business to speak with a different voice than you do personally. Sometimes it takes some trial and error Tweeting to determine what you want your business to talk about which is not necessarily what you personally want to Tweet. To help keep it all straight, Hootsuite is a free web tool that manages multiple Twitter accounts.